Just a reminder that In Safe Hands Educators in Safety Pty Ltd office will be closed tomorrow (22/12/2017) and won’t be reopened until the 8th of January 2018. For Technical support during this time please contact us through the website or email

14th Sept 2017 - TODAY is R U OK? day. This is a day that we ask "R U OK" to our friends, colleagues, parents, relatives and the parents/carers of the children in our care. This simple question could change someone's life and as a result a series of events afterwards- a bit like the movie 'Sliding doors'.

Please be advised In Safe Hands Educators in Safety Pty Ltd are in the process of moving offices.  Unfortunately our landlines are not working however our main number, 1300 794 644, has been diverted to a mobile and therefore there may be slight delays in getting back to you.  Please be assured we are working as quickly as possible to have this issue rectified and we appreciate your patience while we do so.  


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