“Which online Child Protection course is right for me?”


“Which online Child Protection course is right for me?” is a question that we are asked frequently at In Safe Hands. Despite the fact, that we have many courses on offer, the answer is quite simple.

Our courses have been designed so that the more child protection training you do, the better equipped you will be at recognising, documenting and reporting matters of child abuse.

We start off with the basics in our Level 1- Legal and Practical Response to Child Abuse course. This is a ‘must’ starting point for all. This course is meant to be an Induction course, so the course explores every type of Child abuse and their indicators. The course also teaches you how to document and report incidents and how to deal with disclosures. We talk about your Mandated Reporting requirements, Civil Duty of Care and National Quality Framework responsibilities. Everyone starts at this level regardless of the previous training they have received. This is to ensure that we all have the same basic understandings required for our employment.

When starting at this level you will need to choose the course that is specific for you and your work environment. Firstly, you need to choose the area you work in – Long Day Care (LDC), Family Day Care (FDC), Occasional Care (OCC), Outside School Hours Care (OSHC), Kindergarten/Preschool or Teacher.

Once you have chosen your area of work you need to choose what State you work in i.e Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory etc. Our courses are all STATE SPECIFIC. We have designed the courses like this so that you don’t learn things that aren’t relevant to you. Each State has different Child Protection legislation and believe it or not- different Mandatory Reporting requirements. Once you have selected your State, you should then have the course for you. For example – if I am new to online training with In Safe Hands and work at a Long day Care Centre in Queensland, my first online Child Protection course I would choose would be - Level 1 - 2018 Legal & Practical Response to Child Abuse - Long Day Care (Qld)

The next levels of training are for when you need to do Refresher training under the National Quality Framework as part of your role and responsibilities for working with children. These courses are numbered Levels 2- 6 and could be done in any order. We have numbered them to make it easier for you to know what level you are at. You don’t have to do them in that order and can pick and choose what course you would like to do. However, it is strongly recommended that you do it in the order of the Levels.

Each course has a ‘NEW’ topic as well as a component of refresher Child Protection training. Topics range from the below:

Level 2 – Building a Protective Environment for Children - 1.75 PD Hours

Level 3 – Early Intervention to Child Protection - 1.5 PD Hours

Level 4 – Domestic & Family Violence and the Impact on Children - 1.75 PD Hours

Level 5 – Types of Child Abuse and their Indicators - 1.75 PD Hours

Level 6 – Identifying Grooming Behaviours - Coming Soon

These levels ARE STATE SPECIFIC which means you again need to choose the State that is relevant for you. They ARE NOT service type specific meaning you don’t need to select whether you work in LDC, FDC etc.

Online courses are self-paced and you can log in an out as many times as you like. Once you have completed the course successfully, your certificate is available for downloading.

Courses can be purchased at any time on our website. If you are part of a service or an organisation please contact us on 1300 794 644 or enquiries@insafehands.net.au for group discounts.

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