14th Sept 2017 - TODAY is R U OK?


14th Sept 2017 - TODAY is R U OK? day. This is a day that we ask "R U OK" to our friends, colleagues, parents, relatives and the parents/carers of the children in our care. This simple question could change someone's life and as a result a series of events afterwards- a bit like the movie 'Sliding doors'. So today and every other day, when you see a mother/father or carer drop off a child or pick up a child and they seem a bit flustered, sad, stressed, anxious, or just different to their normal demeanor remember to ask "R U OK?" or say a simple 'hello'. This one sentence could start a conversation that sets off a chain of events. Don't forget though if you do ask this question- 'be prepared to listen'. For more information please visit - https://www.ruok.org.au

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