A message from our CEO, Michael Pecic, in response to the current Coronavirus (COVID – 19) situation in Australia as it relates to training.

In Safe Hands is committed to working with our clients in continuing to provide required training for Educators to ensure services maintain their accreditation during this uncertain time in our community.

We are in constant contact with the Industry Peak bodies to ensure we are providing the sector with up to date and current safe practices around the delivery of training.

At this current time there are no Medical, Government or Peak Body concerns surrounding small group training in the Early Years Sector of staff. In Safe Hands is committed to continue to provide in service training to our clients until this advice changes.

None of our trainers have been overseas in the past 28 days and WILL NOT be presenting if they show any effects of the flu or like symptoms.

We understand some services are being provided internal processes from management around limitation of face to face training. If this is the case, remember that your Duty of Care to provide a practice which meets industry requirements still exists. In Safe Hands can work with you to provide your Educators training online or via live webinars to ensure standards are maintained.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our fantastic staff will assist you in arranging training or help you with any of the concerns you may have surrounding these issues.

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