Domestic Violence and the Impact on our Community Webinar


Thursday  29 August 2019  7:00 pm – 8:00 pm AEST $27.50 per person

Despite all the awareness and education surrounding Domestic Violence, we are still seeing an increase in figures relating to such violence. No longer is Domestic violence gender specific, as both males and females are victims as well as perpetrators. Such violence, on many occasions, has resulted in the death of one or more persons within that family unit. Violence in the community in general has increased over the years. For the past 25 years there has been legislation put in place that has been designed to stop, not reduce, the incidence of Domestic and Family violence yet it seems every time we turn on a television or radio, read a newspaper or jump on social media there is someone who has had their life taken from them at the hands of Domestic Violence. In most cases of Domestic Violence, statistics show that children are present and witnessing such violence.This in turn causes long term effects on children which are becoming more and more evident.

What can we do to play our part in protecting these children? With emphasis on early intervention and prevention rather than responding to violence, we can help to break that cycle.

In this webinar, Educators will learn more about:

  • The signs of domestic violence in a family home;
  • Impact of domestic abuse on young children;
  • Understanding legislative requirements on reporting domestic abuse and breaches of orders;
  • Family Law Court orders Vs Domestic Violence orders;
  • Behaviour management processes for children acting out domestic violence.

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