With the temperatures reaching scorchers today in most eastern States of Australia please take the time to remind parents to not leave siblings in their cars whilst dropping off children to your centre or service. When you are walking to and from breaks/shifts have a quick check of the cars you are walking past to make sure there are no children locked in them. This is a reminder for everyone- not just Educators. We are all madly running around trying to organise back to school/ work things so when walking past cars in shopping centres have a quick look to make sure there are no children locked in them.


• Seventy five percent of temperature rise occurs within five minutes of closing the car and leaving it, ie. on a 36-degree day the car will have reached 55 degrees, within five minutes.
• Ninety percent of the temperature rise occurs within 15 minutes.
• Dark coloured vehicles reach slightly higher temperatures than light coloured vehicles.



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