NEW ONLINE COURSE - Workplace Bullying Awareness



Workplace Bullying Awareness - $45.00 Per course

Bullying Awareness is a practical course designed to give employees and management a more complete understanding of workplace bullying: how to prevent it and how best to deal with it when it occurs. It also outlines the harmful effects bullying can have on productivity, staff retention, talent acquisition and employee health.

Bullying is persistent, intentional, health-harming behaviour that creates a hostile environment and can affect every aspect of a victim’s life – mind, body and spirit. It can flourish within workplace cultures that fail to fully understand its causes and effects, heed its warning signs or embrace proactive strategies to combat it.

This course will introduce critical anti-bullying information and provide real-world response strategies that business owners, managers and employees can use to reduce the debilitating effects that workplace bullying has on profitability, business reputation and employee health and well-being. It is no longer enough for business leaders to understand that bullying is a major problem. To compete in a rapidly changing world, they must know how to take appropriate action against it through vigilant prevention, appropriate policy decisions and clear-cut strategies for dealing with negative behaviours quickly and professionally - BEFORE they spread and create a toxic work environment.


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