Scott Morrison's national apology to Australian survivors and victims of child sexual abuse


This week, our Prime Minister addressed the nation and apologised to victims of child sexual abuse suffered in places that children should always feel safe and be protected. This apology was a direct result from the Royal Commission into instances and allegations of child sexual abuse in institutional and educational settings across Australia. 
Our CEO at In Safe Hands, Michael Pecic, wanted to take this moment to pass on the following, “I applaud the Prime Minister and parliament in making this national address to victims. As a previous Detective for nearly 20 years investigating child abuse and being amazed by the bravery of child abuse victims. I still experience “shivers to the bone” thinking about the emotional toll these children must now face everyday of their adult life because of the betrayal of trust. I urge every professional, volunteer and parent to see Child Protection education as a vital part of their learning calendar. We simply need to unite to ensure protection and safety is the underbelly of every decision we make. Only then will our children be able to express themselves freely and not fear their innocence being betrayed.”


The full apology link...



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