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Today is the End of the Financial Year!!! Do you have a training budget that still has money in it and you need to spend it???? If your answer to this is 'YES' -we can help you. Online, webinar or in-service training can be booked today. We can invoice you asap and you can make payment straight away- ALL IN ONE DAY!!!! Please phone us on 1300 794 644 or e-mail


CHANGES: We have changed the names of our online Child Protection courses!!! This will make it easier for everyone to step through our Essential Child Protection training series.

It seems that some people are having problems sending emails from Bigpond accounts!  Although this issue is a problem with Bigpond/Telstra, if you receive a message such as:  ‘Each of the following recipients was rejected by a remote mail server.’ please contact our office on 1300 794 644.


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