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Halloween is here again and many children look forward to dressing up and trick and treating their local neighbourhood.  With many families within the Early Education sector this may be the first Halloween they will be participating in with their children. But it can also be a time when children learn some dangerous lessons that could make them more vulnerable to abusers.  Let’s take a look at some of these lessons we are teaching our kids and make sure we don’t get caught in some of these common traps.

Please be advised that it is a public holiday in Queensland today (3-10-2016) where our office is based.  Thanking you.


2016 Telstra Small Business of the Year (Qld) Winner

“Child protection is everyone’s business, make it yours!”

In Safe Hands Educators In Safety Pty Ltd have been named the 2016 Telstra Small Business of the Year (Qld) winner.   From a humbling beginning in 2011, the company has now become the largest child protection training organization in Australia. 


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