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EPTAC: Emergency Prepared Training & Consulting is a national training provider that delivers safety training in all Australian states and territories.  We pride ourselves on delivering training that makes workplaces safer whilst being well received by those who attend.


To help Early Childhood Services comply with the National Quality Standards, Quality Area 2, EPTAC Australia offers a variety of Emergency Management training courses that are customised and tailored to Early Childhood and individual sites .  Our certificate-based courses cover the skill sets required for Emergency Control Organisations, general staff members and visitors and contractors (where required).


Our courses are in line the Australian Standards AS 3745-2010, the current OH&S Regulations and Act, the Education and Care National Regulation and Act and the Building and Fire Safety Regulations.


Our courses also introduce the fundamentals of emergency response awareness, essential safety measures, types of emergencies and emergency procedures.


In addition to training and in order to meet Regulation 97 of the Education and Care Services National Regulations EPTAC Australia can also visit your site and complete a Hazard Identification Assessment.  This assessment focuses on:

  • Emergency management resource equipment (evacuation ropes, warden vests, whistles and caps etc)
  • Existing procedures
  • Fire extinguisher types and locations
  • Evacuation Assembly Areas and emergency meeting points


Also available:

  • Emergency Management Plan
  • Emergency Evacuation Diagrams 


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