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Michael Pecic has seen many things we all hope we never have to expereince.  From growing up in a low economic area, having a good friend murdered, a household dealing with the hangovers of a father struggling with his Vietnam experience and a close family member who suffered a horribe sexual attack.  He dedicated his entire life to protecting those who are vulnerable, from children, the disabled to even our four legged friends, his experiences and stories will leave you shocked but also empowered to understand how we can make a difference today!

Michael centres his teaching methodology on educating as a real life teacher of real life lessons - a teacher who has been there and seen things first hand and has the ability to convert this experience into valuable knowledge for others.  They have a genuine appreciation of the realities of today’s world. He knows that text books don’t have all the answers and that often the best lessons are learnt through experience.  It’s his experience he shares which gives people a real and practical insight into Child Protection and into understanding current legislation and literature. He demonstrates how Child Protection strategies put in place consistently, from an early age can continue to protect children through to their adult years – and can then be passed on to their children, creating perpetual learning.  Michael is available for key note speaking at seminars or conferences seeking a unique and innovative address, embracing a proactive whole of community approach to Child Protection, which has as its primary goal the prevention of child abuse.

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