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Emotional resilience is without a doubt, the most important aspect of any child's social and cognitive development. 

Addressing brain health in early childhood is proving to bring about long term improvements in behavioural concerns, mental health issues, depression, anxiety, self harm, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, family violence and addicitions.


Mental and emotional stability is founded on Nutrition, Hydration and Sleep - FOOD - WATER - SLEEP



Educator Resources  |  Classroom Multimedia  |  Family Engagement
Brain Health Education engages educators, children and their families in improving their mental and emotional health and well-being. It resources educators to give children an awareness of their amazing, extremely clever brain and the fact that it runs their body, is responsible for learning, memory and for their emotions. Their developing brain needs proper care with adequate nutrition, hydration and sleep. Children, through the classroom interactive multimedia, see inside their body, their lungs, heart and intestines. They learn to respect, both themselves and others.
Children are empowered by simple feedback loops to manage their health, both physical and mental. They also learn about sugar which hides in most foods these days and causes mood swings. Sugar affects learning and attention as the brain copes with the surge of dopamine. Then, as the sugar rush subsides, they can become irritable, tired and then sad.
Children then take the brain health self-care message home, with the support of the family engagement resources.

EDUCATOR OVERVIEW:  Brain Health Educator Teachers Guide with Lesson Plans, Activity Sheets and Posters, Jigsaws and Slide Shows.

INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA:  The 'Amazing Brain' Interactive Multimedia lessons teach fun, simple feedback loops that even a three year old can understand and will remember for a lifetime. Each screen is designed to be presented as an individual lesson for educators to use to underpin and enhance their existing curriculum. The 16 screens are from our AMAZING BRAIN SHOW and may be used to present the complete show. Many centres also allow children to interact individually.

FAMILY ENGAGEMENT:  iPad and Android Apps for Tablets and Smartphones, Access to the Brain Health 101 Training Course with Short videos on Food, Water, Sleep and Sugar. Activity Sheets and Posters, Jigsaws and Slide Shows.


The Brain Health Education Pack is a down-loadable software program designed for Windows PCs, Interactive White-Boards, Big Screen TVs, Laptops, Data Projectors and Touch Screens.


Please visit Brain Health Education to sample some of the fun, interactive lesson screens. Click items, listen, watch, select the next screen and hear its narration. Educators can interact and guide the lesson with a mouse, with keyboard shortcuts or by touching the screen. 


Normally - $295

Purchase now for $99 - LIMITED TIME ONLY

The Brain Health Education Pack once-only site license fee covers all PC's in use in the location specified on the sales invoice, plus free Brian's Brain Book Apps for the classroom and the families Android and Apple tablets. 




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