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Introducing In Safe Hands Educators In Safety Pty Ltd

Since 2005 In Safe Hands Educators In Safety have built an invaluable reputation as the most trusted provider of Child Protection services in Australia.

In Safe Hands Educators In Safety has provided training to employees of over 1000 Government, Corporate and not for profit organisations.

At In Safe Hands Educators In Safety, our practical experience as Detectives investigating and managing child abuse cases, and our formal training and studies in education, law and psychology, provide us with a unique insight into the issue of Child Protection. We have the ability, based on real world knowledge, to know what works and what doesn’t. Children and adults need skills that are well practiced and part of their subconscious behaviour – rather than behaviours designed to be employed only in a time of crisis. Our strategies are simple, easy to use, and are easily adopted subconsciously into people’s daily lives so that in a time of crisis, they are utilised without second thought.

At In Safe Hands Educators In Safety, we centre our teaching methodology on educating as real life teachers of real life lessons - teachers who have been there and seen things first hand and have the ability to convert this experience into valuable knowledge for others.  But probably most importantly, we’ve all had our own children – so we understand the stresses and challenges facing parents, carers and educators today. We know what it’s like to be pushed to breaking point, to feel frustrated, and to struggle when money’s tight. We also know how important it is to keep our children safe – and we know this can only be done using real and practical strategies.

With all of our experience, we have a genuine appreciation of the realities of today’s world. We know that text books don’t have all the answers and that often the best lessons are learnt through experience.  It’s our experience we share which gives people a real and practical insight into Child Protection and into understanding current legislation and literature. We demonstrate how Child Protection strategies put in place consistently from an early age, can continue to protect children through to their adult years – and can then be passed on to their children, creating perpetual learning.

We offer a series of Child Protection courses both online and face to face, designed to meet mandatory training requirements and provide participants with the skills and knowledge to provide best practice Child Protection on a daily basis. Our unique and innovative training system embraces a proactive ‘whole of population’ approach to Child Protection, which has as its primary goal the prevention of child abuse.



In Safe Hands Educators In Safety have been nominated and awarded the following:

2018 – Australian Small Business Champion Awards Finalist

2017 – Moreton Bay Region Business Marketing Excellence Award Finalist

2017 – Australian Small Business Champion Awards Finalist

2016 – Telstra Australian Business Awards Qld Category Winner

2016 – Telstra Australian Business Awards Qld Finalist

2016 – Australian Small Business Champion Awards Finalist

2014 – Telstra Australian Business Awards 2014 Nominee


Our Key People

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Pecic has nearly 30 years’ experience in child protection case management, investigation and education. He served with distinction as a Detective with the Queensland Police Service for 20 years investigating child abuse offences, being awarded the Assistant Commissioner’s award for dedication to child protection. His key achievements and experience included:

  • Awarded a Churchill Fellowship to extend his expert knowledge on international child protection practices.  This included 8 weeks’ study of child protection practices in America.
  • A member of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) since 2011.
  • A member of the Australian Government Advisory Child Protection Committee.
  • Lead Investigator in over 10,000 child protection investigations over a 19 year period as a Detective in Child Abuse Units with the Queensland Police Sevrice.
  • Officer In Charge of the busiest Child Protection Investigation Unit in Australia for 3 years.
  • Lead the investigation into the “Baby Kate” Ombudsmen report, which made key recommendations to sweeping changes to Government child protection practices.
  • Served as the Chief Inspector for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Queensland for 4 years where he worked closely at an executive level with Government Departments in regard to legislation and community expectations.
  • Founder and CEO of In Safe Hands Educators In Safety Pty Ltd. 
  • He has dedicated the last 10 years to education and awareness of child protection issues.
  • He has formal qualifications in management, training, investigation practices and public safety.



As a mother of two young boys Tracie Pecic knows and understands the safety issues presented to parents on a daily basis.  Having dedicated 20 years serving Queensland as an operational Police Officer she is also very aware of the real dangers these safety issues present to young children.  Her key achievements and experience included:

  • 10 years she has investigated and managed complex and sensitive child abuse and neglect cases. 
  • First female officer attached to the Queensland Police Service Public Safety response group. She has undertaken specialist training in public safety, response and education. 
  • She has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice, an Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Police Investigation) and other key qualifications in community safety.
  • Tracie is currently completing her Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention. 



Child Protection Expert

Jim OBrien is a father of two and a grandfather of one.  Jim has in excess of 26 years' policing experience in investigating and case managing complex and protracted child protection matters. He was a senior advisor for the Queensland Government multi-disciplinary SCAN (Suspected Child Abuse & Neglect) Team system and sat on five different SCAN teams in Queensland. Jim has also served as the Vice Chairman of PACT - Protecting All Children Today, a not-for-profit organisation that supports non-offending children and their families in the Criminal Justice System.  Jim also served on the Board of Directors for MacKillop Community Services Queensland Limited which oversees a number of community-based Josephite ministries operating under the ethos of Mary MacKillop in caring for people in need.  Jim's public speaking and presentation skills have received positive feedback from participants who have been grateful that his style can deliver child protection messages in an informal and non-confrontational method.



Training Development Manager

Storm Sandilands spent 14 years in the New Zealand Police. She worked in all areas of the Criminal Investigation Branch including Child Protection, high risk domestic violence, sexual assaults and homicide. She is a qualified negotiator as well as a specialist interviewer of adult victims and witnesses of crime including sexual abuse and homicide. Storm also spent time as an Instructor at the Royal New Zealand Police College.

In 2017 she took a year off and came to Australia for a break. After spending 6 months in Australia she made the hard decision to resign from the Police and stay. Initially taking up a role working at a domestic violence centre in their high risk team before moving to Brisbane and working as a Senior Investigator for various Government Departments. In 2020, Storm started doing contract work with In Safe Hands delivering presentations before taking up a full-time role in April 2021 as our Training Development Manager.

Whilst she doesn’t have children of her own she is a devoted Aunt to her niece and is the communal Auntie to all of her friends and neighbours children. Having seen the impact child abuse has on individuals and families, preventing it is something Storm is passionate about.

Her Key achievements include:

  • 14 years in the New Zealand Police, attaining the rank of Detective Sergeant.
  • Top mark nationally for her Senior Sergeant Examination
  • Diplomas in Leadership and Management; and Government Investigations along with certifications in Training and Assessment, Work Health and Safety and Community work.



Head Leadership Development Respect at Work, I&D

Dr Jacinta Buchbach's felt experience and broad exposure to challenging negative workplace behaviours in her careers in law enforcement, the mining industry and investigation of health workplaces has shaped her as a leading ambassador and facilitator of Respect at Work behaviours. Why? Because as what is fundamentally expected of leaders, she has the ability to recognize negative workplace behaviour AND possesses the courage and integrity to act and speak up against it to drive change through the lens of relatability and storytelling.

Jacinta is an authentic leader who is highly skilled, qualified, motivated and passionate in driving Respect at Work behaviours and strategies to empower leaders in creating better workplaces, resilience and wellbeing. She was a highly decorated police officer, has professional experience in national law enforcement and workplace investigative roles; a mining continuous improvement, safety and commercial professional; and diversity and inclusion lead in law enforcement and remote mining operations. She is an experienced investigator across criminal, HR workplace investigations and Incident Root Cause Analysis Methodology in mining (ICAM). She was a trailblazer in advancing equity and diversity strategies in law enforcement for which she received state and national awards. She continued her D&I passion in the mining sector where she led key diversity and inclusion strategies which included leading sexual harassment/ sexual assault risk assessments, gap analysis and remediation plans for mining operations in Queensland and New South Wales.

She has advanced scholarly achievements in two key areas of research through publications in peer reviewed journals around disaster management liability and presentations of her thesis work at international academic conferences around online behaviours, the law and the tensions between personal and work boundaries. Jacinta’s motivation is driven from her years of felt experience and exposure to negative behaviours in law enforcement and mining. Coupled with her legal background, academic instruction, and lead in diversity and inclusion in challenging industries, she is skilled in reconciling the law, workplace behaviours and strategies through the lens of storytelling her rich and powerful experiences in an engaging way to link emotions and drive change. She is an accredited training facilitator for Bystander Intervention, psychological safety and associated Respect at Work legislation.

Jacinta has a growth mindset and emulates an authentic leadership style that is agile, awareness- raising and solutions focused, underpinned by attributes of connection, tolerance and empathy.  An ability to inspire and connect with audiences through her human experiences representative of the industries in which she has worked, she empowers leaders to want to create an environment of respect and trust whilst ensuring a commitment to excellence and a focus on psychological safety.


  • PhD Law – Employment, social media, business, policy, corporate social responsibility, personal and work boundaries
  • Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honors)
  • Bachelor of Arts – Justice Studies
  • Diploma in Policing
  • Bystander Intervention Train the Trainer
  • Management Development Programs
  • Inspector Workplace Conduct Investigations (Health)
  • Incident Root Cause Analysis Methodology (ICAM) (Mining)

Professional Achievements:

  • Qld Police Valour Award
  • Commissioner’s Award Equity and Diversity
  • Australiasian Women in Policing Equity and Diversity
  • QUT Faculty of Law Dean’s Research Scholar Award
  • International Internet Conference presenter
  • International Peer Reviewed Law Journal Co-Author

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