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I just wanted to contact you regarding the Active Supervision Webinar you did for us last Friday.

First thing, you really know your stuff and were able to communicate that very clearly. The stats alone are mind-boggling to think that these things are still happening. You have really reiterated to us the importance of having good policies and procedures that are actively followed daily. We even reflected with our Parent Committee about the importance of the drop-off/pick up procedure and ensuring that families come into the room and engage with an educator to ensure that they know their child has arrived/left BEFORE signing them in/out.

Thank you again for a great training session. I feel that Wooden Valley ELC and In Safe Hands are going to have a wonderful professional relationship.



I wanted to reach out and say a big thank you for sending Michelle to us last night for our annual child protection course.

Michelle was able to deliver this professional development content in a way that had a room of very tired educators engaged and interested. We appreciate all you do and the hard work your team does to have a positive impact on our communities.



Padua College partners with In Safe Hands for all of our Student Protection requirements. Teachers, general staff, coaches and volunteers all complete individually tailored, online and self-paced learning modules to complement the annual face-to-face delivery of legislative understanding and updates. The online modules have been written to personally meet the needs of our diverse community. The immediate feedback and self-management platform provides an easy and effortless capability to ensure capacity development amongst staff and volunteers. Most impressive though, is the personal support offered by the team at In Safe Hands around staff engagement and advice on student-related issues. Working with In Safe Hands has certainly provided a level of confidence and assurance in working towards the protection of our students.



Michael was absolutely fantastic. He was so engaging, made what could have been a tricky subject to talk about a safe place for the educators, worked extremely hard to pull answers from the educators (and then had them chatting by the end) and gave so much helpful information.

You could tell that he was really knowledgeable in how he presented, what he said and how he responded to the educators. The scenarios that he used got the educators thinking and really challenged them and their points of view and assumptions.

I feel like every educator walked out of the session having learnt something, which is exactly what we wanted. We will definitely be booking more courses with In Safe Hands and will be in contact soon to look at potential dates.



Thank you for providing this training. As a team, we found it very informative and great for all educators.



Respect at work and the Bystander intensive program is an essential skill in today's workforce. Jacinta is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about providing awareness of the most recent legislative changes and then engaging with the audience to provide the necessary skills needed for your specific workplace. I am personally aware of the need to create a safe and thriving environment for young starters in the construction industry. I recently completed the half-day course and can highly recommend it based on the focus on the workplace needs, its relevance to legislation and its evidence-based model. It was and can be adapted to suit the industry, size, or type of workplace. Any value's-based business looking for continuous improvement and or awareness of bystander issues for their teams should have a discussion with Jacinta and the team.



The Bystander workshop conducted by Dr Jacinta Buchbach PhD, is an integral tool in addressing unacceptable behaviour in the workplace by empowering bystanders with strategies to safely reduce the psycho-social impacts of not acting. The workshop material was well prepared and thought-provoking, using scenarios that were real and relatable to start discussions and provided insights I hadn't heard before. I highly recommend this workshop for all employers and employees to promote a safe, health and inclusive work environment.



I work for Brady Bunch ELC Sebastopol Ballarat Vic, yesterday our staff completed some training (Level 1 - 2023 Legal & Practical Response to Child Abuse - Long Day Care) with Michael. We thought we would share some feedback about the course. Michael was amazing he was very informative and engaging with the team, and our team learnt lots. Michael is such a credit to your team.



I just wanted to thank you for last night's training session, it was really informative and it gave us lots of things to critically reflect on. There were lots of conversations this morning about how beneficial the session was and lots of ideas that we can incorporate into our programs. We have been doing training with In Safe Hands for a number of years now and it is always outstanding and each year we continue to learn new things and it always challenges us to reflect on our practices.



I just wanted to thank you for our Child Protection Training by Helen on Wednesday night - she is amazing and passionate, and our team really take to her. We look forward to continuing our partnership with her through In Safe Hands.

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