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What’s included

Choose from any of our services, including:


In-person or online workshops for up to 25 attendees, built to suit your needs. Each year, our team develops over 500 bespoke workshop training experiences.


Incident investigations, including interviewing and reporting, are handled with the highest professionalism and sensitivity.


Policy and procedure consultancy to meet legislative requirements. Our professional team can provide guidance for your business to improve its processes and meet regulatory requirements.


In Safe Hands is focused on assisting individuals and organisations to continuously improve policies and practices through the provision of audit and accreditation.


Keynote speaking is available on any of our expertise topics at seminars and conferences. Get a unique and innovative address embracing a proactive whole of community approach.


Review and development of internal training and assessment, set up your organisation or facility with the most comprehensive resources, keeping your teams in regular contact with changes.

In more detail

Child Safety Audits and Accreditation

The Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse has identified the importance for all organisations that have any contact with children or young people to demonstrate a child safe environment. In Safe Hands will work with you to ensure each and every member of your organisation understands their requirements.

Respect at Work Risk Assessment

Assessing psychosocial hazards, namely workplace bullying, harassment, conflict and aggression. This includes a critical risk management component to ensure psychosocial risks as well as disciplinary options are identified and prevented.

Keynote Speaking

Michael Pecic has dedicated his entire life to protecting the vulnerable - from children to the disabled, and even our four-legged friends. His experiences and stories will leave you shocked but also empowered to understand how we can make a difference today! Michael centres his methodology as a real-life teacher of real-life lessons.

Audit and Review Services

Our expert audit and review staff can assess your organisation against best practice standards and provide tailored solutions including

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A complete service overview is available on request and we welcome an opportunity to discuss your specific needs at any time.

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