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Online Training for Individuals and Services

A complete array of online training courses designed to meet the needs of Educators, Community and Health Sector professionals, Parents and Guardians and Sport and Recreation leaders.

Training online is offered in the following areas:
Child Protection
Food Safety and Nutrition
Workplace Health & Safety
Guiding Children's Behaviour

In Service Training

In Safe Hands Educators In Safety offers a wide variety of workshops for in service training across all services. These workshops can be tailor made to meet your service requirements and needs. The following are some of the courses we have available:

Induction Child Protection Training

This course assists early years educators, organisations and individuals to comply with their legislative requirements under the National Quality Framework and meet duty of care obligations regarding Child Protection. It is designed to be used for induction of new staff, and as a foundation or refresher course for those who have not completed recent Child Protection training. Courses are available for early years educators, teachers, health and social industries.

Essential Child Protection Training

Our favourite! This is our innovative signature Child Protection course that delivers essential lessons for the entire community. It is designed to assist professionals and the wider community to embed practical child protection strategies into their daily lives, and the lives of all our children. With a focus on our unique 7 Steps 2 Safety program, this course is a fresh approach to child protection that really works – right in front of your eyes – every day.

Contemporary Methodologies - Early Intervention

Building on the lessons learnt in Induction and Essential Child Protection, this course is designed to provide professionals with a unique and extensive insight into the advanced indicators of child abuse, and equip participants with practical strategies to be used in providing best practice Child Protection to children and their families. With a clearer understanding of child abuse within a broader social context, and an ability to recognise indicators and predictors of abuse, professionals will be able to identify possible concerns earlier and facilitate early intervention and support.

Community Workshops

We all use sunscreen every day to protect against skin cancer, and now we can use Child Protection strategies every day to protect against child abuse. You wouldn’t let children ride a bike without a helmet, or play in the sun without a hat – so why let them out of your sight without essential Child Protection habits? These courses take a fresh approach to Child Protection using practical strategies that everyone can learn to use to protect themselves and others from child abuse. You will learn our unique 7 Steps 2 Safety program and appreciate the way this not only protects children, but transforms and enriches your relationship with them.

Toddler and Parent Taming: Dealing with aggresion in childcare.

This workshop fearlessly tackles the biggest issue in child care and schooling to date: dealing with aggression by both children (aged 2-5) and their parents. We workshop rampaging children and deal with aggression safely and effectively in a care environment. Why it happens, how to prevent it, and finally how to manage violent situations and develop policy to report and minimise future occurrences. Dealing with aggressive parents can be an educators hardest challenge. This workshop will show educators how to diffuse the situation, your legal use of force options, self defence drills and developing policy to protect staff and children and ensure strategies to prevent re-occurrences.

SUPERHERO CARING SKILLS: Coping with Aggression in Before & After School Care

This workshop is a must-have aid to teachers, carers and coaches alike as it fearlessly tackles a subject that is essential to any school, after-school or sporting association: dealing with a violent or aggressive child or teenager. It deals with both prevention and action. Why outbursts happen, how to prevent and diffuse a situation, your legal use of force options and duty of care, learning individual and partner drills on how to defend, contain and isolate violent situations. The after affects of violence in a school or team situation are also far reaching and must be addressed. This workshop encompasses both risk management and workplace health and safety strategies in developing policy to protect staff and children, reporting incidences and strategies to minimise future occurrences.

RAVES FOR THE WORKPLACE: Self Defence, Self-Protection and Harm Minimisation.

A workshop that tackles workplace health and safety and risk management issues in the workplace including dealing with difficult clients, parents in day care & sporting environments, keeping employees safe during home visitations and the application of lawful self defence and personal protection. All self defence drills utilise neuro-linguistic programming techniques that are easy to recall in high stress incidents. Previous martial arts experience or advanced physical strength or fitness is not required. The drills are designed to be remembered quickly and instinctively in a crisis situation and are designed to empower the aged, women, teens, and persons with disabilities.

BRAVE KIDS BOOTCAMP: Teaching our kids to be BRAVE!

2 hour workshop (train the trainer)
1 hour workshop (deliver to children)
You can learn the skills to teach your kids to be brave! This workshop trains and empowers teacher and parent alike on age appropriate self defence strategies and drills for 4-9 year olds. It is innovative, fun and BRAVE: incorporating play based learning activities and resilience skills so that our kids won’t even know that we are teaching them to protect themselves against possible abduction, sexual abuse and bullying. Packed with heaps of practical programming ideas, it also looks at strategies for carers to deal with aggressive children in their centres. We can also develop a “Behaviour Management Plan” with your kids on your behalf as part of the training. This session is perfect for Day Care Centres, After School Care providers, Primary Schools and Sporting Groups.


2 x 3 hour workshops (3 hours boys, 3 hour girls)
A workshop that helps teen carers, teachers and coaches reach out to teens about the really serious stuff: sex, death, bullying, domestic violence, suicide. It will give you skills to teach teens how to protect themselves and prosper as adults. The workshop is divided into two sections: issues for teen boys and issues for teen girls and recognition of their very different learning styles. The boys program looks at why young males are more likely to die before 23 years old, and how to encourage boys to reflect on what sort of men they want to become. The girls program rejects the fairytale concepts of Hollywood and asks for realistic reflection about how they can better protect and defend themselves physically, emotionally and financially against domestic violence, workplace harassment and sexual assault. We can deliver as a ‘train the trainer’ workshop or deliver directly to groups of teens.

SAVE MONEY: LOSE WEIGHT - Food for LIFE and the workplace

A workshop that removes the fear of food and gives practical tips for clean living, cooking and home fitness.... while saving money. Wearing comfortable clothes and footwear is essential for this workshop, as the best form of learning is in the doing. This workshop is designed to not only to be informational and inspirational, but is a great team building and stress relief exercise.

Coverting in-service training to online training

In Safe Hands Educators In Safety understand the demand on services to offer staff flexible and up to date training, policies, procedures and updates in a timely manner. Let us show you how to save time and money and convert all your material to online training. Our system allows management to obtain reports to show that staff have read and understood your policies? It's very cost effective even for smaller services - so ask us how.

Key Note Speaking

Michael Pecic has seen many things we all hope we never have to experience. From growing up in a low economic area, having a good friend murdered, a household dealing with the hangovers of a father struggling with his Vietnam experience (PTSD) and a close family member who suffered a horrible sexual attack. He has dedicated his entire life to protecting those who are vulnerable- from children, the disabled, to even our four legged friends, his experiences and stories will leave you shocked but also empowered to understand how we can make a difference today!

Michael centres his teaching methodology on educating as real life teacher of real life lessons - a teacher who has been there and seen things first hand and has the ability to convert this experience into valuable knowledge for others. They have a genuine appreciation of the realities of today’s world. He knows that text books don’t have all the answers and that often the best lessons are learnt through experience. It’s his experience he shares which gives people a real and practical insight into Child Protection and into understanding current legislation and literature. He demonstrates how Child Protection strategies put in place consistently from an early age can continue to protect children through to their adult years – and can then be passed on to their children, creating perpetual learning. Michael is available for key note speaking at seminars or conferences seeking a unique and innovative address embracing a proactive whole of community approach to Child Protection, which has as its primary goal the prevention of child abuse.

Audit and Review Services

In Safe Hands is focused on assisting individuals and organisations to continuously improve policy and practices to ensure that a child or student is safe within that environment. We provide a customised child protection service for individuals, services and organisations.

Our expert audit and review staff can assess your organisation against the best practice standards and provide customised solutions including

  • Identifying gaps in legislative compliance
  • Policy and procedure development or improvement
  • Checklists for compliance for ongoing independent reviews
  • Staff training in areas such as child safety awareness, interviewing, reporting and note keeping.
  • Staff training in policy and procedure development

A complete service overview is available on request.