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Workplace health and safety in early childhood education is a legal and moral obligation that ensures a secure and nurturing environment for children. Safeguarding the lives of our youngest and most vulnerable is also central to the society we all want to live in.

Our readily accessible, self-paced online training for workplace health and safety in early childhood education includes:

Active Supervision in the Early Years Sector
Learn how to maintain a vigilant and proactive approach to supervision that ensures child safety at all times.


Building a Protective Environment for Children
This course offers strategies for creating settings that prevent harm and promote the well-being of children, fostering an atmosphere where safety is the norm.


Legal & Practical Response to Child Abuse
Equip yourself with the knowledge to recognise signs of abuse and understand the appropriate legal and practical responses to take action effectively.


Guiding Children's Behaviour in Outside School Hours Care
Discover methods for positively influencing children's behaviour, ensuring their safety and promoting respectful interactions in after-school settings.


Safe Sleep
This course educates participants on safe sleep practices for infants and toddlers, focusing on strategies to reduce the risk of SIDS and sleep accidents in various caregiving settings.

Manual Handling
The Manual Handling course offers training on safe practices for handling and moving objects in the workplace, aiming to reduce the risk of injury through proper techniques.


Emergency Preparedness 
This training prepares individuals for emergencies by teaching them how to effectively manage and respond to various urgent situations, enhancing safety and readiness.


Address bullying in workplaces, providing strategies for prevention and management and fostering a supportive and respectful work environment.


Respect at Work
This course trains participants on maintaining respect in the workplace, focusing on preventing bullying and sexual harassment and promoting a positive and inclusive culture.



In Safe Hands is a pioneering organisation dedicated to fostering safe, nurturing environments for children through a blend of comprehensive services and training. We accomplish this in a range of ways that cross-pollinate each other to form a protective matrix of workplace health and safety in early childhood education. These include:


Team and Executive Training: In Safe Hands delivers specialised training sessions designed to enhance the safety skills of team members and leadership personnel. This form of workplace health and safety in early childhood education ensures that all levels of staff are equipped to handle safety protocols effectively.


HR and Safety Advisory: Our advisory services help those responsible for workplace health and safety in early childhood education to navigate the complex landscape of human resources and safety regulations. This guidance is crucial for maintaining a compliant and secure environment for children.


Online Training Modules: Our DIY online training modules provide easily accessible and essential knowledge on legal and safety obligations pertinent to working with children. These modules are crafted to be user-friendly and informative, enabling self-paced learning.

Bespoke Services: Tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of different organisations, we offer custom solutions to workplace health and safety in early childhood education that address your unique challenges, ensuring that measures are as effective and applicable as possible.


Incident Investigations and Audits: In the event of a safety breach, In Safe Hands conducts thorough investigations and audits. These are crucial for understanding what went wrong and preventing future incidents.


Policy Consultancy: We have extensive knowledge and experience assisting those in the early childhood education setting to develop or refine policies that support the safety and well-being of children, ensuring these are up-to-date with current laws and best practices.


Keynote Speaking: To spread awareness and educate a broader audience, In Safe Hands provides keynote speeches on topics related to child safety, drawing from our extensive expertise in the field.


Through these various channels, we not only help those responsible for implementing workplace health and safety in early childhood education to comply with legal requirements but also play a pivotal role in creating safer, more supportive environments for children.



In Safe Hands provides a comprehensive approach to workplace health and safety in early childhood education, combining legal compliance with practical strategies and an emphasis on building strong, positive relationships with children. This holistic approach is crucial for safeguarding the future of our children.


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