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My Tricky Eye-Spy

my tricky eye spy

Most strangers are friendly, but some (very few) may be “Tricksters” so…

“I’m ready to SPY with my Tricky EYE,

Anyone fooling me, Any where, when or why!”

Bright, lively, fun and engaging, this book teaches children to be confidently aware and reinforces the need to check with a SAFE adult before they do anything with a stranger.

“The catchy, Tricky EYE-SPY rhyme will stay with them for life”

A child being abducted or abused by a stranger is one of our greatest fears.

Yet many social experiments have shown the vast majority of young children will happily walk away with a complete stranger within 30 seconds, despite being told “Don’t talk to strangers”. Such messages get lost in our everyday conversation.

While strangers are minority offenders when it comes to child abduction and abuse, it still happens and children under 12 represent a high-risk category. They often have difficulty knowing who is a stranger and feel that if someone is “nice”, they’re safe.

My Tricky EYE-SPY! cuts through to a young child because the message is delivered when you have their undivided attention, using rhyming language, colourful illustrations, a detective theme and child-friendly humour. LOVED by kids and EASY for parents/carers and educators, it engages and effectively teaches “I’m ready to SPY with my Tricky EYE”. Reinforced by games and scenarios, it clearly defines the “Trickster” behaviour that children need to watch out for and reinforces the need to check with a safe adult before they do anything with a stranger.

Recommended for boys and girls ages 3 to 8 years.

27.00 AUD
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